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  • Product Name: Compressor production line
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Overview of the program: 1, it consists of two sets of frequency inverter welding power source and welding controllers, control systems, welding cylinder, automatic feeding device. 2, robot loading and unloading case, L-type legs by the two sets of automatic feeding device simultaneously applied to the electrode position and reliable positioning, welding cylinder while pressing the workpiece positioning, sub-sub-discharge welding, can ensure the welding quality while maximizing improve production efficiency.work process: Welder start - Confirm the parameters - the robot into the housing (automatic oscillating plate to send the feet sort - an automatic robot gripping feet to the electrode position) - Start button - the workpiece clamping cylinder drop - weld cylinder moves into position to clamp the workpiece - rotating workpiece, divided discharge welding - welding is completed - electrode reset - robots crawl out of weldment - normal shutdown

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