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The elevator car wall production line is composed of the following departments: gantry type material storage (2 trolleys); combined metal mold punching (8 sets); robot bending (2 robots, 2 bending machines); turning mechanism (1 Set); rubbing acetone mechanism (1 set), rubberizing mechanism (1 set), robot rib head (2 robots, 4 trolleys), rolling mechanism (1 set), riveting mechanism (6 sets of rivet guns) ), the whole line is unmanned, flexible automatic production
Performance characteristics:
There are two material trolleys for gantry type feeding, which can meet the loading of different products. The feeding system adopts automatic material sharing system and imported vacuum components. The feeding is stable and reliable. The positioning mechanism of the car adopts servo positioning mechanism to automatically detect materials. Strong magnetic field assisted material distribution, high positioning accuracy;
The metal punching mechanism adopts independent punching, and there are 8 sets of punching abrasives in total, and each set of abrasive tools can automatically switch the punch to meet a variety of punching sizes, with high flexibility and high efficiency;
The robot bending adopts imported ABB, KUKA robot, LV and other imported bending machines, and is composed of high-precision secondary frame. The robot can grasp the workpiece to meet the long-side and short-side bending of various sizes, and automatically cooperate with the bending machine. Manual intervention, high precision, can meet the automatic call of hundreds of bending programs.
The turning mechanism automatically flips the bent door panel automatically by 180 degrees, with high speed and strong carrying capacity, and is stable and reliable for the next process.
The rubbing acetone mechanism adopts double servo control, which can meet the control of different length door panels. It is simple to set up and easy to operate. Rubbing acetone uses the most absorbent water-absorbing sponge, wiping clean, no water stains, oil stains and other stains.
Gluing system servo positioning control, can meet two directions, different products of glue, using imported Ingersoll Rand or Gurit coating system, high glue stability, wide pressure regulation range, high air tightness It is convenient to change the rubber bucket.
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