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Photovoltaic industry - transistor

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The standard equipment used in the early production was added with a blowing device for protection purposes. Since photovoltaic components also need to control humidity, standard equipment cannot guarantee the production of qualified products.
To achieve gas savings and to ensure a dry, anaerobic state in the post-weld transistor, heating, drying, vacuum nitrogen filling, and transition are required.
The machine uses capacitor energy storage to weld the workpiece, using advanced sealing technology, and using vacuum characteristics, so that the entire welding process is carried out in a sealed container filled with nitrogen. Moreover, a heating box and a pre-feeding box are respectively installed at both ends of the sealed box to realize the requirement of reducing the humidity in the sealed box and drying the workpiece.
Currently widely used in the electronic crystal industry, it is suitable for sealing and soldering of 49U/S, UM-1, UM-5 crystals, and also for sealing and soldering of transistors, circuits, sensors and other components.
Processing procedure: start-up - put the workpiece into the heating box - (sealing box vacuum - nitrogen filling) - welding the workpiece - placing the welded workpiece in the pre-box - shutdown
Technical Parameters
Input power: 220V AC 1-50Hz 10A
Input air pressure: 0.6Mpa
Protective gas: nitrogen 1.0Mpa
Capacity: 3KVA
Welding current: 18kA
Heating power: 2KW
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