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Stainless steel rectangular flume plasma welding robot workstation

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Overview of the solution:
1. The device is a fully intelligent digital control of six flexible workstations with extremely high flexibility. It can perform any action complex actions (front, back, left, right, up, down, straight, etc.) within its allowable range of motion. Arc, diagonal, corrugated, etc., in accordance with various seam welding, joint form, groove size, welding position, flat welding, vertical welding, etc.).
2. It is suitable for welding stainless steel sink. The equipment adopts mobile two-station clamping positioning method, using ABB robot and Nippon iron plasma welding; using German Siemens PLC or Japan Mitsubishi PLC, Festo or SMC pneumatic components, and Siemens or Mitsubishi servo system.
Work flow :
welder start - station 1 clamps the workpiece - robotic torch moves to the weld position - weld vertical side long seam 1 - weld complete - weld gun return - station 1 tooling rotation - welding gun moves to the weld position - weld vertical side length 2- seam welding is completed - return gun - the clamp open, the top of the workpiece - the workpiece taken out manually - loop (welding station 1 is completed, while the workpiece clamping station 2 is completed, the torch is moved to the welding station 2 bits)
technical data:
1. Controller power supply voltage: three-phase five-wire AC 380V±10% 50HZ
2. Welding power supply voltage: three-phase AC 380V±10% 50HZ
3. Compressed air: 0.6~0.8MPa
4. Protective gas source: 0.3~1MPa
5, cooling circulating water: 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa water temperature <15 ° C 

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