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Elevator car bottom robot welding station

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Because the parts have many spare parts and many welding points, the manual work time is too long and the efficiency is low. Only one or two pieces can be welded in one working day. Now use the robotic arc welding workstation to match the four-station rotary table. When one of the stations is welded, another station can load, which can achieve 1-2 pieces per hour.
Processing steps: station 1 (tooling a side) manual feeding (left upper side board) --- quick positioning --- tooling rotation 180 degrees --- manual loading (tooling b side, right upper side board) --- fast Positioning---Working station 1 loading completed welding request---Robot welding station 1 (a side) left welding area---welding completed---the robot automatically translates to the right side of the tooling welding---a surface Finished welding---Tooling automatically rotates 180 degrees---Robot welding (b-side) right side welding area---welding is completed---the robot automatically translates to the left side of the tooling welding----welding is completed---robot and Tooling reset.
Technical Parameters
IRB1410 robot
Bearing capacity: 5 kg
5th axis arrival distance: 1.44m
CO2 welding
Controller power supply voltage: three-phase five-wire AC 380V±10% 50HZ
Welding power supply voltage: three-phase AC 380V±10% 50HZ
Compressed air: 0.5~0.8Mpa
Protective gas source: 0.3~1Mpa
Welding products
Welding material: Q235
Welding thickness: 1.5~6mm
Customer requirements solder joint spacing: 80mm
Product specifications:
1.4M (A+70)*1.6M (B+120MM)
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