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This equipment is used for welding the compressor casing and terminal of refrigerator. It adopts three-phase secondary full-wave rectification welding method; it has small impact on the power grid and is beneficial to grid load balance. The system power factor can reach above 0.9, under the same welding effect conditions. The power required for this type of welding machine is only 1/3-1/5 of the ordinary power frequency AC welding; the welding current is zero value, the DC heating is used, the temperature rises in the welding area, and the heat loss is small, which is especially suitable for ring welding. , multi-point welding, and light metal welding with good thermal conductivity. The welding machine adopts three-phase welding controller imported from the United States, and has voltage compensation function, high current stability, and the heat quality of the three-phase DC system is stable and fast, and the welding quality is effectively guaranteed.
Technical Parameters
Rated capacity: 3X160 KVA
Rated load duration: 50%
Input power: three-phase five-wire, 380V/50HZ
Primary side connection: triangle
Secondary no-load voltage: 12V
Secondary maximum short circuit current: 70kA
Weldable materials: low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and multi-layer steel
Welding capacity: low carbon steel 4+4 (mm), stainless steel 3.5+3.5 (mm)
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