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Copper tube and shell three stations

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Program overview
1. The three-phase intermediate frequency inverter technology is used to control the whole process of welding. The copper and iron are directly welded by the solder resist method, which changes the previous brazing and adopts the automatic copper tube, which is very efficient.
2. The welding equipment of this equipment adopts German Bosch IF inverter welding system to realize closed-loop control, high current control precision, high reliability and good welding stability.
3. DC welding is used for welding, the current is relatively concentrated, the thermal efficiency is high, the loss is small, and the electrode life is long.
4. Three-phase balanced load, high power factor, energy-saving economy, can achieve dissimilar metal welding.
5. The welding machine adopts 3 stations to realize the welding of the three tubes of the refrigerator compressor, and one person can operate separately, and the efficiency is greatly improved.
6. The cylinder of the welding machine adopts double stroke cylinder, and the two strokes can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the pressure is monitored in real time during the whole process of welding, and the welding stability is high.
Technical Parameters
Rated capacity (KVA): 130X6 KVA
Rated load duration (%): 50%
Input power: 380V/50Hz/3
Output current before rectification frequency: 1000 Hz
Secondary no-load voltage: 9V
Welding current: 50kA
work process
The welder starts normally---confirm the welding specification parameters---manually put the shell into the first welding position---the copper pipe 1 is automatically transported to the first welding position---welding copper tube 1--- manually put
Shell and copper tube 2 to the second welding position---welding copper tube 2---manually placed into the shell to the third welding position---copper tube 3 is automatically transported to the third welding position---welding copper tube 3---three
The stations are welded separately, and each cylinder is reset---manually take out the workpiece
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