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Elevator door panel strong rib and upper and lower head welding production line

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Program overview
The elevator door welding production line consists of the following equipment: gantry type intermediate frequency inverter welding machine (1 set), door panel transport robot (2 sets), robot automatic arc welder (2 sets), conveyor (2), and automatic Unloading device.
Performance characteristics:
Gantry type medium frequency inverter welding machine: It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, stable welding quality and good consistency; and it only needs to adjust the positional relationship of the tooling and call the required specifications to realize the change production. Robotic automatic arc welding machine: Fully intelligent digital control six-joint robotic workstation, and high-performance carbon dioxide protection welding, which can be used in complex working ranges and conversion torch posture and angle to ensure the workpiece after welding. Stability and consistency. Transfer robot and automatic stacking mechanism: It is a set of humanized mechanism that minimizes labor and labor output. It can realize precise positioning and positive and negative conversion of workpieces, enabling unmanned operation of the entire production process.
Gantry type medium frequency inverter welding machine: Take a reinforcing section with a length of 2415mm (the length of the reinforcing rib is 2415mm, the total number of solder joints is about 28 points, and the spacing of the solder joints is about 180mm). For example, the whole machine sets the beat: about 30 seconds / Pieces (2 people per person, each operating a group of welding trolleys)
Robot automatic arc welder: Take 5 points at both ends of the welded door plate as an example: about 1 minute (excluding loading and unloading time)
Processing steps:
The gantry type inverter welding machine is responsible for the welding of the ribs, the upper and lower heads and the door panel, and is divided into two sides, and the ribs and the upper and lower heads of the whole door panel can be separately welded. The door transport robot is responsible for picking up the door panel after the gantry welding process is taken from the gantry welder to the conveyor, and the workpiece is transported by the conveyor to the robot automatic arc welder tooling. The robot automatic arc welding machine reinforces the gap between the upper and lower heads and the ribs. After the welding is completed, the workpiece is taken away from the robot automatic arc welding machine tool by the conveyor, and the workpieces are placed and stacked by the automatic unloading machine.
Technical Parameters
Rated capacity (KVA): 2*20KA
Rated load duration: 20%
Input power: three-phase 380V ± 10% / 50HZ
Welding transformer insulation grade: Class F
Current adjustable range: 20%-99%
Electrode stroke
About 100mm (depending on the welding workpiece space)
Maximum electrode pressure: about 4500N*2
Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.8MPa
Cooling water pressure: 0.15-0.3MPa
Working height: about 900mm
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