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Design and Implementation of Resistance Welding Production Management Database System
冀春涛,沈华西,蒋莉,赵平(南昌航空大学航空制造与工程学院,江西南昌330063)     摘要:电阻焊生产需要一个高效率的管理平台,为此构建了基于数据库技术的电阻焊生产管理系统。基于管理者对电阻焊信息化需求,采用E-R模型规范化设计方法,以SQLServer2005作为平台,开发了电阻焊生产管理数据库;采用可视化编程C#语言在VisualStudio2005平台上开发界面。该系统由材料、方法、设
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Study on Secondary Spot Welding Technology of 5A05 Aluminum Alloy Resistance Welding
ABSTRACT: The chemical composition and mechanical properties of 5A05 aluminium alloy welding base metal and resistance spot welding equipment are introduced. The resistance spot welding characteristics and joint forms, & ldquo; hard specification & rdquo; & ldquo; soft specification & rdquo; and secondary spot welding process parameters are analyzed, and the appearance inspection, tensile test and tear test of welded joints are carried out. The results of shear test and macro metallographic test show that the macro metallographic nugget formation of the second spot welding process of resistance welding is good, and there are no defects such as cracks, shrinkage, shrinkage and core offset, which can improve the resistance welding performance of 5A05 aluminium alloy to a certain extent.
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Research on Medium Frequency Resistance Welding Electrical Parameter Detection System
魏良红,曾敏,罗景荣,陈广辉(华南理工大学,广东广州510641)     摘要:中频逆变电阻焊的焊接质量提高有赖于检测技术的提高。传统的检测方法存在体积过大、检测精度不高等缺点。为了提高中频逆变电阻焊装备的控制精度和响应速度,设计出基于恒电流控制法的电参数检测系统,该系统包括一次电流检测模块、一次电压检测模块和二次电压检测模块。详细介绍了真有效值处理电路和二次电压检测电路。通过实验检验了采样电路
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