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Shatian Community "Life First, Safety Development" Interesting Safety Knowledge Competition
On the evening of June 24, 2019, the Hangtian Shatian community organized a unique fire safety knowledge contest. Our employees volunteered to participate. Although the evening sky was raining, it did not affect the enthusiasm of the employees. At 6 o'clock, all The participating staff will play on time. In this competition, the employees played their specialties and answered questions raised by the moderator, which was well received by the community staff, and some employees were rewarded. The scene of the competition, the audience on the scene, the courage to answer the questions, the competition is fierce, the competition quickly wears gas masks, the first, second and third prize winners
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Yunnan Tour in 2019
TheannualtriptoYunnanProvincestartedinthehotsummer.WhentheplaneslowlylandedatShangri-LaAirport,thefirstthingtobeseenwasthebluesky.Whitecloudslikecottonhunginthemid-air,andthetemperaturedroppedfrom27or8degreesto12or3degrees.Next,wewillexperiencethebeautifulsceneryandnationalcustomsofYunnanShangri-LaTea-HorseRoad,LijiangYulongSnowMountain,DaliErhaiandotherplaces.  Shangri-LaFlowerSea  TigerLeapingGorge  YulongSnowMountainPhoto  ThehandsomemanonYulongSnowMountain  ThehandsomemanonYulongSnowMountain  BlueMoonLakeunderYulongMountain  BeautifulBoysandBeautiesofBlueMoonLakeunderYulongMountain  BeautifulBoysandBeautiesonErBeachOff-roadVehicle  FragrantCarBeauty  Handsomeriding  BeautifulBoysandBeautiesonOff-roadVehicles  Mufu,Lijiang  PudacuoNationalPark  BeautifulLakeViewofPudazoPark  LakeViewofPudazoPark  LakeViewofPudacuoForestPark   Tianshui-PudazouLakeScene  CattleandHorsesinPudazoPark
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Spring Outing 2019
The annual outdoor tourism finally kicks off in this poetic spring season. We are excited and excited to embark on a foreign country - Japan, below is the footprints of our colleagues. Handsome man and beautiful woman Fujikawa Kawaguchiko-cho Beautiful beauty sheep Mt. Fuji Memorial Collective style and sheep play Beauty style show Enjoy food
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Prevail Technology Co., Ltd. Trade Union Participates in Shatian Community Trade Union Activities
The Shatian community invited our company to organize some trade union personnel to participate in the colorful staff fun games organized by the Shatian Community Federation of Trade Unions, and collectively won the first prize of the community fun competition and the third prize. Participate in the activities of the Federation of Trade Unions. Jumping ropes. Carefully over the balance beam. Focus on the red and green beans. Leaping the squid.
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Prevail Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 2018 Award Presentation Ceremony and 2019 Spring Festival Gala
The Spring Festival Gala is the day that every employee looks forward to. At this moment, excitement and excitement overflow every face. One year, hard work, one year of sweat sprinkles and finally fruits are fruitful. The evening party was a great show, full of elegance, amazing, laughing! _Picture shows the leaders of the Industrial Group raising glasses to celebrate Picture shows Liu's grandstand singing Picture shows Vice President of Management's drum vividly Picture shows employees'wonderful dance performance Picture shows excellent managers and President Xu Picture shows employees who have won loyalty awards for more than ten years and General Liu's photo at the Spring Festival Gala in 2019.
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