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The welding equipment is known as the "industrial sewing machine" and its development potential is enormous. Since automated welding equipment can first improve production efficiency, free workers from production, and secondly improve the working environment and keep humans away from the harsh working environment, enterprises should determine the mission of the company from these two dimensions and plan the company's Vision goal.


Company philosophy:
Prevail---China's automation, the leader of the intelligent industry. In the future, the company will focus on the strategic development line of “intelligent detection and intelligent manufacturing overall solution” together with the parent company Zhengye Technology. Based on the “technical business”, it will develop towards “digital business” and continue to deeply study the core of “intelligent manufacturing”. Technology, deep cultivation of intelligent manufacturing automation, unmanned factories and other industries, forming an industry-based leading enterprise with core competitiveness.

The company's corporate mission:
“Prevail Company, with leading technology, enables people to have a better working environment and higher work efficiency by providing satisfactory automation and intelligent solutions and services to customers around the world.”

Company's vision:
“The leader in global automation and intelligent equipment manufacturing companies, the best provider of automation and intelligent system solutions.”

The company's strategic positioning:
In view of the current competitive landscape of the welding industry and the technical and market characteristics of non-standard equipment welding, the company will use the integrated strategy to introduce various types of welding such as plasma welding and CO2 protection welding on the basis of the existing automatic resistance welding equipment production. By the way, these new welding equipment will be very easy to sell to existing customers, and the implementation of the integrated strategy can quickly expand the company's market share. The company will also implement zero inventory management under the guarantee of information technology, and promote the company's core competitiveness by ensuring the company's stable cash flow through sales.

Company's customer positioning:

The company's client base will be composed of the world's top 500 companies and industry leaders. The recent major customer groups of the company are as follows:
Low-voltage electrical industry, household appliances industry, battery industry, chassis cabinet industry, stainless steel products industry, electric heating equipment industry, wire products industry, electronics industry, compressor industry, automobile manufacturing industry, elevator industry, optoelectronic industry.

Company core values:
Steady management, honesty and trustworthiness, sustainable development

The company's business philosophy:
Integrity and win-win, excellent quality

Company's action guide:

Focus on the customer first, then pay attention to yourself;
Solve the problem first, then consider the boundary;
Correct the mistake first, and then investigate the responsibility.

The company's code of conduct:
Leaders must take responsibility, meetings must have conclusions, and implementation must have results.

The company's brand logo:The pattern consists of two parts: English and graphic. The simple and generous design expresses Prevail business philosophy of honesty and win-win and excellent quality. "PREVAIL" means victory and transcendence. The Chinese character is transliterated as "PREVAIL". “PREVAIL” truly expresses Prevail fighting spirit and determination in the field of automated welding equipment.

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