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Prevail---China's automation, the leader of the intelligent industry. In the future, the company will focus on the strategic development line of “intelligent detection and intelligent manufacturing overall solution” together with the parent company Zhengye Technology. Based on the “technical business”, it will develop towards “digital business” and continue to deeply study the core of “intelligent manufacturing”. Technology, deep cultivation of intelligent manufacturing automation, unmanned factories and other industries, forming an industry-based leading enterprise with core competitiveness.

The power of change has always flowed in the torrent of industrial development. Now a new trend "Industry 4.0" has come, more intelligent mechanical control, more reasonable resource allocation, higher production efficiency, shorter production cycle. Prevail---China's automation, the leader of the intelligent industry naturally carries this great industrial dream.

The strength of change stems from the resource advantages of Prevail. The company attaches great importance to talents, professional and technical talent reserves, and has established long-term and in-depth cooperation with universities, research institutes and research institutes. The world's first-class research and development capabilities, top-level and efficient talent input as the only recognized member of the American Welding Association in China, Prevail patent ownership is far ahead in the industry. Focus is only due to the extreme cherishment of the interests of our customers. Here, hundreds of Prevail people are waiting for your inquiry throughout the day. Here, the products will be designed by dozens of experts, thousands of production techniques carefully polished, hundreds of repeated tests, more than ten years of hard work, Peng Weiwei always adhere to the integrity, win-win business philosophy. Always adhering to the quality first, professional first service attitude, is committed to providing excellent automation and intelligent system solutions for customers around the world. More than ten years of steady operation has made China's largest automation and intelligent equipment manufacturer. State-level high-tech enterprises, international quality, service, honest AAA enterprise, and glory are the sincere recognition of Prevail in the country and the world. It is also the inexhaustible motive force for Prevail innovation automation and intelligent industry. Prevail took the lead in the compressor and elevator industry and was familiar with their welding processes and requirements. Customers use the technical solutions provided by the company as their industry standard. Whether it is a robotic system, an intelligent production line or a special equipment for various industries, Prevail vows to present all your individual needs with the highest quality.

The help of change stems from the cooperation concept of Prevail honesty and win-win cooperation. It is based on honesty, mutual benefit and sustainable development. Prevail is a sincere and sincere cooperation with many partners. Sold in North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, dozens of countries around the world, aerospace, military, Olympic venues, Disneyland and so on. Prevail serves a wide range of Fortune 500 companies and leading companies in the world. In the public interest, Prevail is also carrying a kind of love and good deeds. In 2015, the “Tianhan Yingcai” Aiding Foundation was established to help outstanding young students with family difficulties. Over the years, we have never forgotten to give back to the society, accumulating for the disaster areas, and donating more than several million yuan in poverty-stricken areas. In the future, with the comprehensive coming of the industry 4.0 era, robotic underwater welding, robotic ship welding, special-purpose robotic welding and other intelligent equipment will surely set off a huge revolution in the welding industry. And Prevail has long been in the chest, and is marching forward to the grand goal of the global welding industry leader. Hundreds of crickets rushed into the sails, and borrowed from the sea to sail first. Peng Weiwei ----- such as Prevail, will be alive.

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