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Service Commitment

Service commitment:
A product with service is a deception to customers.

Service Commitment:
We will handle the problems within 24 hours, and make a return visit within 48 hours.

Service Process:

Pre-sale services
Investment budget: providing product analysis, welding equipment budget and allocation of human resources.
Technology decision-making: providing reasonable and economical welding plan and welding technology.
Free test sample: providing customers with welding test and welding effect confirmation.

Sales services
Providing equipment transportation, installation and adjustment.
Providing technical training for your operators and technicians.

Keep in mind that you will always have our support concerning equipment operation after you become our customer.

Technical support and after-sales service:
1、Your equipment has been filed in our company, and we pay close attention to the status of your equipment at anymoment.
2、When the equipment arrives at the site of your company, we will dispatch the professional engineer to process the debugging, and provide free training for your operators and technicians until they fully grasp the operational skills.
3、The guarantee time: One-year warranty since the equipment is out of our factory, lifelong follow-up and maintenance
4、The equipment made by PREVAIL TECHNOLOGY goes through the strict out -factory inspection. If there are any problems, please contact the nearest office of PREVAIL TECHNOLOGY and provide the details of the problems. We make customer satisfaction survey at regular interval. If you have any opinion or suggestion on the equipment, or any problem to be resolved, please send it to us, we will give you timely reply.
5、Repairing: Within 24 hours after receiving the call or fax of the customer, we will send the professional technical personnel to deal with the problem on site. If the problems occur beyond the guarantee time, we will charge certain material fees according to the specific situation.
6、Tel: +852 – 23683202 or + 86-755-28618888
7、Fax: +852 – 23683660 or + 86-755-28619999
8、After-sales Service Tel: +86-755-28618888 Extension 838 or 861
9、Reparation Hotline: +86-13510007000
10、Complaint Tel: +86-755-28641111
2、Company Email:


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