Zhengye Technology


Prevail Technology was established in the mid 1980s of Hong Kong-invested form, the factory locates in Shenzhen, after decades of development, we has formed set design, research and development, craft technology, unit product,complete sets of equipment, automatic production lines and after-sales service, complete industrial chain, as automation in technology, the brand,talents, services, quality control, project experience and bear the robot automation major national science and technology development project has a strong competitive advantage of enterprises.In November 2015, Guangdong ZHENGYE Technology Co., Ltd merger successful Prevail company(Stock code: 300410)


In recent years, we focused on intelligent building automation, factory of state-level high-tech enterprises. Main products for the intelligent production of elevator system, compressor intelligent manufacturing system, handling robot (AGV, RGV), warehousing and logistics system, manufacturing execution system (MES), etc. We are committed to provide the whole solution of intelligent digital factory, overall design of intelligent digital factory, general contracting, general integration, general service.



Sincere and win-win, professional quality, be a leader of global automation, intelligent equipment production enterprise, in the search for  4.0 era intelligent digital manufacturing industry faces opportunities and challenges is Prevail future development goals of the company. We will continue to lead the development of the automatic and intelligent industry, automation, intelligent industries greater challenge, make greater contributions to the development of national industry.

ADD: No.25, CaiTian Road, ShaTian Industrial Zone, KengZi Town, PingShan New District, ShenZhen